Travis LeBouf

We all have monetary goals. Some of us would love to take an extra trip a year, while many of us are burnt out at work and dream of an early retirement. And for those of us with families, we dream of setting our children up with just a little bit more opportunity than we started with. While we all hold these dreams, the question of ‘how’ do I obtain this freedom for myself and family goes commonly unanswered.

This is where my passion lies. With more than 10-years experience in real estate, I like to take a personal approach and understand these goals for my clients, and help you build a portfolio that will get you there. Having managed large national commercial portfolios, as well as helped first time investors start to build towards their future, I seek to establish long-term partnerships and give you the tools needed to make informed decisions.

With so many brokerages out there, clients come to our RE/MAX branch because they want a boutique experience with an internationally recognized name.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to ponder the ‘how’ together, network, or looking for connections in real estate. Travis.LeBouf@remax.net



Cell Phone: 3108-882-0659

Office Phone: 562-426-9800

Email: travis.lebouf@remax.net

Address: 3848 Ste 4, Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, Ca 90807

BRE #: 01938822